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Welcome to
Da Capo Classical Academy

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Da Capo Classical Academy is a microschool that combines the best of home education with the engaging atmosphere of a traditional classroom setting. Our small class sizes provide increased teacher-student interaction and allow for a more efficient school day with academic work completed in just a morning session.

We are a Christ-centered school, beginning our day with Bible and prayer and memorizing God's precious Word.

It is a great honor to work with your child. Thank you for this opportunity.

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Sarah Rinker, Director/Teacher

Who We Are

Children in Indoor Playground
Da Capo

an Italian musical term meaning "from the beginning"

Our school exclusively works with young children, just beginning their educational adventure.

Girl by the Tree

a foundation in the arts, literature, and languages, seeking to uphold the virtue of excellence.

We seek to build a foundation for future learning by promoting literacy in three specific areas - the ability to understand the written word, the development of a robust vocabulary, and a familiarity with history and literature from around the world.

Students experience the arts through weekly music classes.

In addition to their native English, students will be introduced to Latin American Spanish.

Reading with Magnifying Glass

academic preparation balanced by child-led learning

Children who love to learn will never stop learning. With hands-on science, living books, manipulatives and more, children have the opportunity to feed their curiosity while gaining the necessary skills for future academic success.

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