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Our Academics

As a microschool, students will enjoy subjects like history and science as a combined classroom while still maintaining grade-specific subjects like reading and math.


Reading to children helps them build language skills, exposes them to new vocabulary, and introduces them to diverse people and places. It also supports cognitive development, increased concentration and discipline, and improved imagination and creativity.

At Da Capo Classical Academy, we place special emphasis upon reading in the classroom, using living literature to learn about the world God loves.

From CVC readers and blends to two-vowel words, kindergarteners will learn to read for themselves using the Abeka curriculum. First graders will expand their literary palate with a selection of always-fun Dr. Suess books.


A strong phonics understanding helps children know what letters to use when writing words.

While the kindergarteners learn how to properly write their ABC's and copy simple sentences, first graders will focus on writing mechanics and creative expression activities like composing a pet story and a

thank-you note.


Colorful pages and manipulatives make building a strong arithmetic foundation fun. 

Kindergarteners will learn numbers

1-100, tell time, count money, use a calendar, and meet the addition and subtraction families. 

First graders will learn about place value, addition and subtraction of two- and three-digit numbers, graphs, time, temperature, and fractions.


During the 2023-24 school year, students will learn about wildlife and ecosystems, weather patterns and meteorology, simple machines and physics, and practice critical thinking with STEM-based experiments.

Discover & Do Science Experiments, Usborne books, and fun readers make science all about the joy of discovery. 


Students will learn two big ideas during the 2023-2024 school year:

past civilizations existed and people around the world live in different ways.

We'll travel to exotic places ranging from the South Pole to the Far East and time periods from Ancient Greece to the American Westward Expansion - learning about the people God loves and the ways He has worked throughout history.

Physical Education

God made us physical creatures as well as spiritual creatures. Exercise is not only one way to be a good steward of our body, it's also a lot of fun!

From outside team games to inside calisthenics, Da Capo Classical Academy is on the move!

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